I learned so much along the course of our collaborative process when we streamlined my script UNTITLED LOVESTORY, that in reality I have become a much better writer, and in imagination I suffer from the ridiculous delusion I could do Barbara's job. She's that good.

Peter Koller

writer, director

KOP11 Filmproduktion


Larissa Cosentino

Larissa Cosentino

Larissa Cosentino


THE SOURCE published in German and French

ASARAS LEGACY  published in German and French, soon out in English and Italian

...(Barbara) has brought out the best in me, inspired me instead of criticizing or trying to change me.. (she) has shown me how to step back behind the text, and let the story enrapture its audience, transport them into the world I have created for them, with characters that grow dear to them. (She) pinpointed the paragraph, the sentences, and sometimes just the word that were an obstacle to the reader's rapture. 'The Source' has not changed from what I intended it to be, but it has grown, has grown up.... 

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