here is a selection of what I am currently working on:


author: Larissa Cosentino

fantsy novel, print, translation into English

the precursor novel to "THE SOURCE", this tale weaves the origins of beloved characters, and establishes how the gods came to power in the fantasy theocracy of Anthalia.


author: Otmar Bauer

biography, print, translation into English

autographic notes from one of Austria's most prolific rebels and iconoclasts of the 1960s. 


romantic comedy, feature length film, original idea

three girlfriends pimp their dating profiles - and find some interesting characters behind equally beautified profiles. Soon they are investigating dating impostors, setting up a helpline and loving their newfound purpose as love police. Acting as their own little love Interpol, the three girls soon find themselves hunting down international love scammer, with very limited budget.. With the hunt on, will - can - love prevail?


drama, feature length film, original idea

it’s Eve’s 50th birthday and she keeps it secret at the designer flagship store she’s working at. Two new salesgirls are trying out that day, each with their own little secret - one is a bourgeoise fallen on hard times, the other a stripper with a desire to better her lot. As the day develops, the fight is on for job, seniority, sales and survival. And it’s a shark tank behind those tall glass windows.


drama, feature length film, original idea

An ALINT agent (subgroup of HUMINT operations) is left on his own with the subject of over 20 years of interrogation and torture, when the program is being shut down due to budget cuts. The Alien in question has not yet revealed its knowledge, nor has communication been established, and it is virtually impossible to kill. When the agent decides to make the trip from the forsaken facility in Nevada to Washington to state his case, the Alien offers information - under the condition it is taken along for the trip. A road trip of unknown dimensions lies ahead.

© Barbara Bauer 2013